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Unfortunately most wells don't deliver as much water as the one in this picture.

When well output falls short of expectations, Reid Plumbing Products LLC offers well management systems that can correct the problem, even if you run out of water or never have the pressure to use more than one shower at a time.

These symptoms most often mean that you have a low yield or slow producing well that will not produce the water needed to make your plumbing function properly. For instance the faucet that fills a Jacuzzi or platform tub may be capable of delivering 12 to 27 gallons per minute. If the well yield is less than that it will not support a pump large enough to supply this faucet and anything else.

Well pumps are generally sized to the well so people with low yield wells often don't run out of water but their pressure is poor. When the pump is sized for the well and the well is low yield, plumbing performance is poor. If a larger pump were installed to bring more pressure and volume to the building, the well would be pumped dry faster and you would be complaining about running out of water instead of poor pressure.

It is possible to move into a new home which has met all code requirements and still not have enough water to operate more than one bathroom at a time. Plumbing codes specify that piping must be sized to properly supply the entire fixture load BUT there is no rule that says the minimum acceptable well must supply enough pressure and volume to properly supply that pipe.

In 95% of cases it is not necessary to put up with running out of water or inadequate pressure because we have several well management systems that can be installed in existing or new construction to correct these problems.

When it comes to very low yield wells, most commercially available tank or cistern systems fail because they waste time and cannot get in step with production. Our well management systems, Well Manager® and Herculan ConstaBoost Static Storage Systems, can keep your water well producing and provide great pressure!  We even guarantee that a Well Manager® can get more water from any well.

For purpose of guarantee, the definition of a Well is: - a bored, drilled, or driven shaft, or a dug hole, deep enough to be below the water table and into which water runs or seeps from the surrounding aquifer.

Take the worry out of your life and put one of our well management systems in charge of the problem!