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Well Manager® Videos

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The New Well Manager 210 Series
WellManager 210
Andy invites you to spend 8 minutes in the shop to see the new 210 series systems. These Well Manager and Herculan ConstaBoost systems go through a 24” door, have numerous uses and deliver great performance.

Big Performance in Less Space
Well Manager Video
Andy explains the Well Manager Control and how it works with a small amount of unpressurized storage to out perform systems many times its size. 3 minutes and 51 seconds - this is an out take from the 8 ½ minute video.

Modular Design Makes it Easy to Customize Your System
Well Manager Video
This video requires 3 minutes 48 seconds. Listen in as Andy talks about the Consistent Pressure Module and the modular design concept that is the basis for Well Manager Systems of all sizes. Not an out take from the 8 minute video.

See Into a Low Yield Well
Well Manager Demonstration Video
This video requires 2 minutes and presents a brief explanation of well components and why you run out of water if you have a low yield well. Our “see through well” gives you look inside at what lies beneath the well cap. This is an out take from the 8 ½ minute video above.

Well Manager features heavy-duty, trouble-free controls
Well Manager Video
This 4-minute video provides a more in depth explanation of the Well Manager Control Panel, its functions and features. This is not an out take from the 8 minute video above.

How a Well Manager Changed my Life Overnight
Well Manager Video Testimonial
It only takes Brian 2 minutes and 30 seconds to tell you what a Well Manager can do for you. He’s an expert, he has one.
Why a Well Manager Works
Well Manager Video
This Presentation requires 8 minutes and 30 seconds of your time.

Learn about low yield wells and how a Well Manager can turn a well that won’t provide one shower now into one that will provide showers for everyone in the family and allow you to use the clothes washer, dishwasher and have guests.

Short of time? The links below provide more in depth information on individual parts of the Well Manager

Installing a Well Manager
Well Manager Video Part 1
Part 1: Out with the Old
With an 800' low yield well, this family runs out of water every few days. Watch as this old house gets a new Well Manager.

Well Manager Video Part 2
Part 2: In with the new Well Manager. After 3 years of struggle, finally a reliable water supply.