Pump Chamber

  Well Manager® Products

Will get more water, volume and pressure
From Low Yield (slow producing) and drought affected wells
So different it was granted Patents by the US & Canadian Governments

  • Produces guaranteed results at a known cost
  • Get more water from a producing well than any other off the shelf product on the market today!
  • Provides pressure for “luxurious” showers using the well you have
  • Simple to install - takes as little as 3 hours and requires no digging or changes to the well.
  • Available in sizes that will fit in a floor space as small as 24”x37” and will fit through a 24” door.
  • Protects wells from damage caused by over pumping
  • Protects pumping equipment from dry running
  • The most environmentally responsible water harvesting system available
  • Can be used to limit withdrawals based on water rights or other allocations
  • Scalable concept works on any size water system
  • Control systems available for Community Well Systems with multiple wells
210 Gallon Water Storage Tanks
Well Manager® 210CP

Water storage tanks are available with access lid, vacuum/pressure relief valve and ¼ turn boiler drain.

Available in Natural White translucent so water level can be seen or opaque Black for use with waters having Iron or Sulfur bacteria slime problems.

Well Manager® 210CP
Well Manager® 210CP

Great Performance From Unbelievably Poor Wells In Less Space than a Side by Side Refrigerator, only 73" high.

Well Manager® 210CPH
Well Manager 210CPLH

When you have limited ceiling height this system provides big performance in a small space. Only 49" high, it will fit where others won't.

Well Manager® 210CPLH for Crawl Space Applications
Well Manager 210CPLH

Amazing Performance
From Unbelievably Poor Wells
When height is a problem: only 38" high.

Well Manager® 425CP
Well Manager 425CP

Delivers "constant pressure", needs no separate pressure tank. Available with ½, ¾, 1, 1.5 HP pump or multiple pumps installed inside the 425 gallon tank.

Well Manager® Modular Systems
Well Manager® Modular Systems

Purchase the entire package now and get a consistent pressure Well Manager® system at substantial savings.

Custom Designed Well Manager® Systems
Well Manager® Custom Designed for you

Systems with storage of hundreds to thousands of gallons for irrigation, large homes, estates, agriculture, bottling, industrial, multiple homes, or an entire village.

Well Manager®
Basic Control Package
Well Manager® Basic Control Package

Build your own system using our tanks or yours. Use our pumps or yours.

Controls all system functions.

Well Manager® Basic Control Package for Two Wells
Well Manager®Basic Control Package for two wells

The WM-2 panel will control two wells of differing yields. Any of our systems can be upgraded to collect from two wells.

Home Fire Sprinklers

Install Home Fire Suppression
Using an inadequate well!

Consistent Pressure Module®
Well Manager® Consistent Pressure Module

Upgrade your existing Well Manager® system when the pressure tank you are now using needs to be replaced.

Consistent Pressure Module®
Consistent Pressure Module CPM-50100-2LPC

Whether building your own system or turning your Modular LPC Well Manager into a CP System THIS IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED To convert your system into a consistent pressure system in minutes.

Herculan ConstaBoostTM Pump System
Well Manager® Herculan ConstaBoost System

Upgrade your existing Well Manager® system when the pressure tank you are now using needs to be replaced.

Stop Loss Control
Stop Loss Control

Install this on any tank water storage system to prevent irrigation, outside hose bibs, toilets, pool fills or any specific use from wasting your water

Well Manager® Remote Tank Level Indicator

An inexpensive way to know when you are using too much water.

Well Manager® Systems are protected by US Patents 6077044 and 6682309.
Canadian Patent 2257743
Manufactured by Reid Plumbing Products, LLC, Hopewell, NJ 08525