Pump Chamber

Well Manager© Modular Systems


Modular Systems are available with or without The Consistent Pressure (CP) feature.


When purchased without the CP feature the outlet of the Well Manager® connects to your existing pressure tank where the well line connects now. The Consistent Pressure Module can be installed in place of your pressure tank at any time.

When purchased with the CP feature your existing pressure tank is removed because it is no longer required.

Modular Well Managers are available with storage tanks of almost any size you can imagine. For instance, there is a 210 gallon system that will fit through a 24” door and complete systems that will work in a crawl space. Well Manager Systems do a better job with much less storage than traditional tank and cistern systems because of the way they harvest water from the well.

  Modular 160 with the optional Consistent Pressure Module
  WM160M with CP Module
  Modular 220 with a 2nd tank for increased storage and a CP Module


  • Storage Tanks of HDPE resin meeting FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 © 3.1 & 3.2, in sizes to fit through doors to 23 ½ ”: Pictured is 160 gal 28” Diam. x 72” H
  • Tanks come with everything installed:
    • All penetrations watertight
    • Tank Fill with dip tube, throttling valve, flow detector, AVB & well line backpressure gage
    • Tank level control passes NSF 61 Potable Water
    • Pipe & Fittings NSF 61
    • Submersible Pump sized to your need in our patented PumpChamber™ mounted vertically inside tank  or our optional ½ HP LPC pump models – all but 4” of stored water usable
    • Overfill Shutoff with manual reset stops overflows
    • Pump wiring pigtail in watertight sheath
    • Level control/flow detector pigtail connects to panel
  • Well Manager UL Listed control panel is built to industrial standards and shipped Prewired
    • Field connections in 5x5 box on water-tight pigtail all clearly labeled
    • Pigtail from panel to pressure switch color coded
    • Circuit breakers for well, pressure pump and control
    • Well Pump ON and OFF times can be field adjusted to fit any pump/well combination
    • HOA switch to manually operate well pump
    • Flow verifier protects well pump
    • Low water float protects pressure pump
    • Status lights on door
  • Installation Manual
  • System comes adjusted, run tested, disinfected - ready to install and turn on

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To receive a price quote on a Well ManagerĀ® for your home, please fill out the Residential Sizing Guide. To receive a quote for other applications call 800-211-8070 or include your contact information in an email and we will call you.

Buy a complete system and assemble it yourself. Get all the great features of our complete constant pressure systems or pick the features that you want. Either way you can save money and still have the best system on the market today!


Well Manager® Systems are protected by US Patents 6077044 and 6682309.
Canadian Patent 2257743
Manufactured by Reid Plumbing Products, LLC, Hopewell, NJ 08525

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