Pump Chamber

Well Manager©
Consistent Pressure Module


Consistent Pressure Module
For ½ - 1 hp pumps

  • Compact and corrosion resistant
  • Meets lead free requirements
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Mount on wall or ceiling in any orientation
  • Use with modular Well Manager® to make consistent pressure system
  • Use with our Well Manager basic control package and a submersible pump package to turn your poly tank(s) or cistern into a Well Manager System
  • Replace your pressure tank in a standard well system and have consistent pressure using standard well pump
  • Stainless Steel valves and fittings
  • Pressure tank meets NSF61
  • Works with 115 or 230 volt pumps
  • Comes with the pressure switch, Cycle Stop Valve and tank air pressure preset
  • Pressure tested


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