Pump Chamber

Well Manager©
Basic Control Package


Collect entire well production
Or limit the amount withdrawn and
Fill a pond, tank, cistern or tower

  • Nema 4, UL/cUL listed pump control runs well pump on field adjustable timed cycles.
  • Circuit breakers in control
  • All parts field replaceable
  • Control is dual voltage can be used for direct control of 240 volt or 120 volt well or pressure pumps
  • Run larger pumps using separate motor starters not included
  • LED function lights on door for long life & easy trouble shooting – even on the phone!
  • Accessory connection points for solenoids, fans, blowers, chem. feed pumps
  • HOA switch on door permit manual operation of well pump
  • Built in 24VAC power supply for level controls will run low voltage accessories
  • Over Fill Shut Off device turns well and pressure pumps off if system overfills. Must be manually reset to alert owner
  • Ultra sensitive flow detector immune to well grit, turns well pump off instantly if water fails to arrive at storage tank – knows water coming before gets there so can be used with drain back systems
  • Backflow preventer protects the aquifer from treatment chemical contamination
  • Low water float protects delivery pump
  • Remote alarm contacts for low stored water condition
  • Optional pressure pump overheat shutoff
  • Timer Override Option switches system from timer to float control when Fire System starts so all of well storage and tank storage is available

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To receive a price quote on a Well Manager® for your home, please fill out the Residential Sizing Guide. To receive a quote for other applications call 800-211-8070 or include your contact information in an email and we will call you.

Electrical requirements for the Basic Control: Two dedicated circuits. One 240 volt, 60 hz, 20 amp and one 120 volt, 60 hz, 15 amp. If you have a 240 volt submersible well pump the existing circuit will be used and one new 120 volt line will be all that is needed. (If your well pump is other than 240 volt, please let us know when ordering).


Well Manager® is protected by US Patent 6077044.
Canadian Patent Pending
Manufactured by Reid Plumbing Products, LLC, Ringoes, NJ 08551

"the water you need and the performance you want"