Pump Chamber

Well Manager© Basic
Control Package - Two Wells


Collect the entire production of two wells
Or limit the amount to be withdrawn using Basic Control Package for Two Wells


Basic Control Package for Two Wells Includes:

  • Nema 4, UL/cUL listed pump control runs well pumps on field adjustable timed cycles.
  • Control includes circuit breakers
  • All parts replaceable
  • Control is dual voltage and can be used for direct control of 240 volt or 120 volt well or pressure pumps to 2 HP
  • Run larger pumps using separate motor starters not included
  • LED function lights on door for long life& easy trouble shooting – even on the phone!
  • Control has accessory connection points for solenoids, fans, blowers, chem. feed pumps
  • HOA switches on door permit manual operation of either well
  • Built in 24VAC power supply for level control will run low voltage accessories
  • Over Fill Shut Off device turns well and pressure pump off if system overfills. Must be manually reset in this condition so owner knows there is a problem before damage occurs
  • Ultra sensitive flow detector is immune to well grit, turns well pump off instantly if water fails to arrive at storage tank.
  • Backflow preventer protects the aquifer from treatment chemical contamination
  • Low water float protects delivery pump(s)
  • Operate optional remote alarm for low stored water condition
  • Optional pressure pump overheat shutoff monitors head or PumpChamber Temp
  • Timer Override Option switches system from timer to float control when Fire System starts so all of well storage and tank storage is available automatically

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To receive a price quote on a Well Manager® for your home, please fill out the Residential Sizing Guide. To receive a quote for other applications call 800-211-8070 or include your contact information in an email and we will call you.

Electrical requirements for the two well control: Two dedicated circuits. One 240 volt, 60 hz, 20 amp and one 120 volt, 60 hz, 15 amp. If you plan to run a 240V pressure pump, one additional 240V breaker will be installed and there will be a second 240V dedicated circuit. (please let us know pump voltages when ordering).


Well Manager® is protected by US Patent 6077044.
Canadian Patent Pending
Manufactured by Reid Plumbing Products, LLC, Ringoes, NJ 08551

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