Pump Chamber

Well Manager© 425CP


The basic 425CP comes equipped with a ½ hp 115 volt submersible pump capable of delivering about 13 gpm.

This unit is available with larger delivery pumps or multiple pumps staged to meet peak demand flow rates of 100 gpm or more.

Consult our design team to see if we have a system that will satisfy your peak demand needs.

This machine has all the features of other Well Manager® systems and like all our CP models requires no separate pressure tank. 

The 425CP is only 68" wide x 37.5" front to back x 74" high. Shipping weight is just 535 pounds. Our patented system will harvest the output of a low yield well, store the water in its built-in 425 gallon storage tank and quietly deliver the pressure and volume necessary to make your plumbing work the way you had always wished it would. Patented Cycle Stop Valve technology means you can get "city performance" from a low yield well. The control panel can be lifted off and set on top of the unit to reduce its width to 29.5" enabling this unit to go through a standard 30" door. (Hinge bracket and latch also need to be unbolted. Wiring remains intact). Installation time is drastically reduced because frame mounted units are factory assembled and run tested. Simply connect the well line to the Well Manager® inlet, the house main to the outlet, make the electrical connections in the 4"x4" box at the end of the unit's power cord and turn it on. Convert a low yield well into a good source of water in about the time it takes to install a water heater. (Inlet and outlet are 1" FIP.)

Electrical requirements for the basic 425CP: Two dedicated circuits. One 240 volt, 60 hz, 20 amp and one 120 volt, 60 hz, 15 amp. If you have a 240 volt submersible well pump the existing circuit will be used and one new 120 volt line will be all that is needed. (If your well pump is other than 240 volt, please let us know when ordering).

To receive a price quote on a Well Manager® for your home, please fill out the Residential Sizing Guide. To receive a quote for other applications call 800-211-8070 or include your contact information in an email and we will call you.

Printable Brochure  You'll needGet Adobe Reader logoto view the brochure and you can get it here.

The control panel is mounted on a swing away frame. This makes everything easily accessible even when the unit is installed in a corner.

With the control panel swung aside everything is readily accessible for maintenance.

Even the pump can be removed for service without draining the tank or disconnecting wiring from the control panel.

The patent pending PumpChamberTM converts a standard submersible well pump into an end suction pump so 95% of stored water is usable. The specially designed chamber insures pump motor cooling at flows of 1GPM and permits the installation of large pumps in a small diameter tank. The duplex system (above right) delivers 54 GPM and is amazingly quiet.

The 425CP150/150 with the optional Lead/Lag control can deliver constant pressure from 1.5 GPM to 54 GPM. Each time the system starts the lead pump changes. The lag pump comes on if the lead pump can't supply enough water to keep the pressure up. Supply a building with a 2" water main using an inadequate well. Each pump has an HOA switch.

Well Manager® is protected by US Patent 6077044.
Canadian Patent Pending
Manufactured by Reid Plumbing Products, LLC, Ringoes, NJ 08551

"the water you need and the performance you want"