Pump Chamber




This demonstration shows that
PumpChamber™ can deliver
water from a 2 ½” deep reservoir.

New, innovative, patented product
Allows submersible well pumps to be used in ways never before imagined!

  • Convert standard submersible well pump to end suction
  • Use in Cisterns
  • Use in storage tanks
  • Use in Dug Wells
  • Pumps from body of water 2 ½” deep
  • Available with or without pump
  • Installs through UniSeal Gasket for use in any size tank

Give a mechanically inclined human being a new tool and it will be put to uses the designer never imagined. The submersible well pump is such a tool. It is used around the world in all sorts of applications, a great many of which fall just outside the design limits of its motor.

PumpChamber™ is designed to overcome some of the limitations of the submersible well pump while creating a circumstance that allows the motor to run within its design parameters even when used in circumstances not envisioned by its designers.

Tank PumpChamber™ is designed to allow submersible well pumps to be mounted vertically in and deliver water from any body of water 21/2” or more in depth. In other words, you can mount almost any submersible well pump in a PumpChamber™ and stand it vertically in a running stream 2½” deep and pump water all day long – if that is what you want to do. OR you can put it in a tank, cistern or dug well and use all but 21/2” of the water! Order a PumpChamber and install your own pump or buy it complete with the pump you need installed, tested and ready to go.