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Herculan ConstaBoost

Static Storage System

SSPB-425WS-EF Models

Completely Assembled - Wired – Ready to Go

High flow rates and consistent pressure using inadequate or intermittent sources

  • Complete fully automatic turn key system
  • Create constant water supply when service is interrupted frequently
  • Restore plumbing performance lost to undersized treatment equipment
  • When used with moderate low yield well, flow control prevents over pumping
  • Install plumbing in buildings with grossly undersized water service using existing service pipe!
  • Correct pressure problems in one home or building on a shared well without adversely affecting other users
  • Electric solenoid controlled fill with adjustable flow control and manual activation feature
  • Slow down water flow through treatment equipment to achieve big results using small equipment without affecting plumbing performance
  • Tanks made of HDPE resin meeting FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 © 3.1 & 3.2
  • Level controls NSF 61
  • PVC Pipe & Fittings meet NSF 61
  • Cycle Stop and Check valve of low lead brass
  • Pump of synthetics and stainless steel – no brass
  • Available with multiple, staged pumps for high delivery rates
  • Optional Ultra Violet disinfection units for inlet, outlet or both

Boost Pressure and Get Rid of Odors at the Same Time With the Optional Spray Boom Fill

  • No chemicals
  • No special treatment equipment!

Get rid of rotten egg or sulfur odors in your water - Order a HCB Static Storage System with a spray boom fill and turn it into the perfect system for Florida or anywhere there are odors and low pressure or inadequate flow. Great Pressure – No Odors – One Solution