Pump Chamber

Herculan ConstaBoost™ Automatic Backup Water Systems


This system is designed for permanent installation as a backup water system and can be ordered as a booster for inline installation on undersized water lines or those with very low pressure.

These are also available as a no frills TWS – Temporary Water System designed to be a portable water source in emergencies or for temporary uses where there is no water source. TWS has interior baffles to cut down on sloshing when hauling filled tanks

  • Complete, fully automatic Turn Key System
  • Available in many tank and pump sizes
  • As shown is used to insure constant water supply for sensitive applications or in situations where existing supply is intermittent
  • Low water cut off protects delivery pump
  • Powerful – many flow rates available including single and 3 phase VFD controlled pumps
  • Tanks made of HDPE resin meeting FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 © 3.1 & 3.2
  • Level controls NSF 61 compliant
  • Check & Cycle Stop are 304 stainless steel
  • Pump contains no brass
  • Comprehensive manual included
  • Use with chemical feed systems to adjust pH, disinfect etc
  • -EF option provides electric solenoid controlled fill
    • Fill rate can be controlled
    • Manual activation feature
  • -AS option provides Auto Start which brings this system on if water service pressure drops below field adjustable set point.
  • -HL option vented hinged locking 16” access lid
  • -NVHL option is non-vented hinged, locking 16”
    access lid
    • Option includes tank vacuum/pressure
      relief valve
    • 70 Micron Filtered air breather with
      check valve to prevent overflow through
    • Check valve on overflow to keep
      unfiltered air out of tank
  • Units with –AS feature and patented
    PumpChamber™ include auto prime/auto test
    feature which test runs pressure pump at the
    same time daily
  • -SP Spray Boom fill option to remove Radon,
    Hydrogen Sulfide, methane and other gases from
  • -AL Optional Nema 4X Red Alarm Strobe Light
    activates when service pressure drops and
    system starts
  • Optional UV disinfection systems for inlet or outlet
  • Optional exhaust fan for venting gases to outside Sold By: of building