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Well Water

System above is a WM210CPV-100-20 Well Manager®
coupled with an SSPB210WSVLF-100-20 Herculan
ConstaBoost Storage System™ working together to deliver 40 gpm @50 psi. System has two delivery pumps that alternate at each start & a lead/lag setup that brings the 2nd pump on when 1st can’t keep up.
Higher flow rates and pressures, using larger standard
pumps or VFD controlled pumps are available.
system modules shown are 210 gallons and 74” high.
Horizontal 210 gallon modules 49” high are also available.

Install Home Fire Suppression Using an inadequate well!

  • Single Turn-key system supplies domestic & fire needs when well yield is inadequate
  • Well Manager® controlled systems maximize well production & prevent overpumping
  • Fire System activation overrides timed pumping so tank and well storage is available to fire system
  • Protects the well & pressure pumps
  • Provides expandable storage
  • Uses your existing well pump
  • Easy to install slide modules into place, pipe inlet, outlet, make wiring connections and turn it on
  • Compact Units will fit through 24” door with metal support frame removed – tank is 23 ½” wide
  • Provides Consistent Pressure at variety of flows
  • Pumps inside tanks quieter than centrifugals
  • Available with multiple pumps for redundancy
  • Alternating Lead/lag systems available
  • VFD Pumps Available
  • Periodic Fire Pump testing not necessary since pumps run to supply domestic and fire water
  • Rectangular Storage Tanks of PE resin meeting FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 © 3.1 & 3.2, for potable water storage
  • Tank air vents filtered
  • Tanks come with everything installed on them:
    • System Controls are UL/cUL Listed
    • All penetrations water tight
    • Low water cut off protects PumpChamber™
    • Overheat protects PumpChamber™
    • Everything can be unbolted from tank
    • Tank level controls pass NSF 61
    • Optional Stop Loss Control prevents draining fire storage
    • Delivery Pump sized to your need in our patented PumpChamber™ mounted vertically inside tank
    • Automatic Air Eliminator for PumpChamber
    • Overfill Shutoff stops overflows and notifies occupant
    • Inlet & outlet connections sized for required flow
  • All field wiring by wire nut in one box
  • Service or replace pump without draining or opening tank – overhead clearance permitting
  • Installation, set up and maintenance Manual

When codes require Fire Sprinklers for new home construction and the well does not seem adequate it is possible to use a single system that will protect the well from overpumping and increase water availability to improve domestic plumbing performance and provide for a Home Fire Sprinkler System at the same time. This makes the investment in a fire system easier to sell because the owners will realize the benefit of the expenditure every time they step into the shower.

Move components through a 24” door& assemble a large system with limited access or floor space

Well Manager Systems operate on well yield and do not depend on water stored in the well so these systems can collect the same amount of water from a 100’ one gallon per minute well as they can from a similar well 1,000 feet deep. Well Managers can be operated in HAND or AUTO mode. Normally operated in AUTO mode they collect from the well on timed cycles to limit withdrawals to water rights or well yield so that the well is always nearly full.

In systems with a single well control with Timer Override feature (-TO) activation of the fire system bypasses the timers and runs the well pump in the HAND mode so the well pump remains on as long as the tank is not full. This makes all of the water stored in the tanks and in the well immediately available to feed the fire system.

In systems with the two well Duplex Well Manager control with TO option, activation of the fire system deactivates the wait timer leaving the system running on the two well timers. In this mode the entire content of both wells and tank storage becomes available for fire control but well withdrawals are on a proportional basis, the system drawing more from the better well than the poorer one. Once a well is empty the flow detector will turn off that well pump and allow the remaining well to continue contributing until it too is empty.

The result is:

  • There is water available beyond what would normally be stored in a standard home fire suppression storage tank
  • The fire pump is continuously tested because it supplies the domestic and fire systems
  • Stored water is turned over at regular intervals
  • Water availability is increased for all systems and flow pressure to plumbing is exceptional so benefit of money spent on the fire system is realized every time owner steps into shower
  • Permits larger homes to have both domestic and fire water systems using wells that would normally be considered inadequate for either domestic or fire needs!

Automatic speech dialers are available to report various system problems or Fire System activation and all of the Well Manager® controlled systems have automatic over fill protection to prevent tank over flows. System can be ordered with a Stop Loss Control which shuts off domestic use if tank levels fall low enough to endanger fire storage.

Pre-engineered systems are available for water treatment, irrigation, community well systems, well share arrangements, multiple source management, rainwater and many other uses.