Pump Chamber

Herculan ConstaBoost System

Herculan ConstaBoost System Features

  • Provides consistent pressure & volume
  • Wall mount, little space required
  • Pedestal mount hardware available
  • Built to last – 304 SS top flange
  • Easy to service
  • Waterproof switch provided
  • System completely wired
  • Overheat shuts motor down when PumpChamber temp. rises
  • Factory adjusted and tested
  • Installs in minutes
  • Many flow ranges available
  • Models for use with water service
    • have Auto shut down if inlet is shut off
  • Models for use with atmospheric storage
    • use low water float to protect pump
    • have auto prime maintenance feature
    • pull water from buried tanks
  • Use for
    • Irrigation
    • Agriculture
    • Home fire sprinkler systems
    • Process water
    • Car wash
    • Inline booster for long pipe runs


Complete consistent pressure system overcomes low pressure problems. Mount on wall or stands upright on pedestal mount, connect to piping, run power wire to the switch & turn it on! Capacities from 13 gallons per minute to more than 100 GPM. Inlet and outlet sizes change with pump size.

Our patented PumpChamber™ makes it compact and quiet.

½ HP 120 volt unit is 29”W x 49.5”H x 14.5”D. Fits where other units won’t, quiet when others aren’t, delivers volume others can’t. Larger pumps have larger inlet and outlets. Set up to run showers @ 65 PSI+ so you can feel the difference.

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To receive a price quote on a Herculan ConstaBoost for your home, please fill out the Residential Sizing Guide. To receive a quote for other applications call 800-211-8070 or include your contact information in an email and we will call you.

Herculan ConstBoost Booster
Herculan ConstBoost Duplex Booster

Duplex Boosters with Lead/Lag Alternator controls are also available

Select a Herculan ConstaBoost™ Pressure Booster
With the Pump that Fits Your Needs.

Select a Herculan ConstaBoost™ Pressure Booster With the Pump that Fits Your Needs.