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Well Manager©Remote Tank Level Indicator with alarm LCNT-RLI-AL


An inexpensive way to know when you are using too much water. Most Well Manager owners learn their system in a few weeks and know how much water they have available without looking at the tank. But there are times when something unexpected happens – a toilet runs or you answer the phone and forget there was a soaker hose running in the garden. If tank water levels drop below normal operating range, the audible alarm will sound to warn you that storage is low before you run out

The lights also let you monitor system health. A Well Manager is a relentless collector and will generally fill up and shut off at about the same time each day. When there are significant changes in the time of day at which that occurs, it means that something has changed in the well or in the house. This provides an advance warning and gives you time to investigate before your water availability is affected.

Tank Full: This light is on when the Well Manager Tank fills and goes out when 3” or more of water is used from storage.

Normal - Low: Normal and Low lights are controlled by one float. As long as it is up, the green Normal light is on. When it drops, the green Normal light goes out and the red Low light comes on. The elevation at which this float is set, controls how long the green light stays on and how much advanced warning you get that your water supply is getting low. The buzzer sounds when the low water light comes on.

Empty: The low water float has dropped, there is 4” or less water in storage and the pressure pump is shut off. There is no water in the house until the system recovers and raises the low float.

  • Attractive and durable white Lexan plate
  • Large easy to see indicator lights
  • Pre-wired
  • 20’ of cable with Molex quick connect ends
  • Order with any length wire
  • Audible alarm w/silence switch
  • Comes with duplex Old Work box for easy installation through drywall
  • 24 Volt power supplied by Well Manager Panel
  • Normal Range is field adjustable
  • Schedule wash etc in very low yield wells
  • Warns of changes in water supply
  • Warn of running toilets etc.
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Works with Well Manager Systems only

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Well Manager® Systems are protected by US Patents 6077044 and 6682309.
Canadian Patent 2257743
Manufactured by Reid Plumbing Products, LLC, Hopewell, NJ 08525

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