Pump Chamber

Herculan ConstaBoost™
Static Storage System

Overcome very low pressure caused by undersized or intermittent water service, complicated or inadequate water treatment equipment or wells and springs that
are poor producers.
  • Easy to install – manual included
  • Fully automatic ready to run system connects to your existing well pump and pressure tank.
  • Electric fill shut off  with meter to set fill rate
  • Low water cut off protects delivery pump
  • Delivers consistent pressure
  • Expand building or section of building using undersized water service
  • Deliver needed flow rate to intermittent uses from undersized lines & systems
  • Restore plumbing performance lost to undersized or elaborate water treatment
  • Restore full service to buildings with intermittent water supply. Works in open or closed systems
  • Provide retention time for treatment
  • Vented tank can be used for odor treatment
  • When used with low yield well flow control on tank inlet prevents over pumping of well.
  • Use as local storage for a Distributed Storage System or Well Share
  • Tanks made of HDPE resin meeting FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 © 3.1 & 3.2
  • Level controls meet NSF 61
  • Pipe & fittings meet NSF 61
  • Check & Cycle Stop of Low Lead Brass
  • Pump contains no brass
Model SSPB-160WS-50EFLPC
ConstaBoost For Wells Model SSPB-210WSV

Most cost effective system we offer. This is a complete, fully automatic Turn Key System that will go through a 28 ¼” door. Requires one 115 volt 15 amp circuit

Model SSPB-210WSV
ConstaBoost For Wells Model SSPB-210WSV

Complete, fully automatic Turn Key System, More water in less space through 24” doors, Increase storage by connecting several tanks using specially designed frames

Model SSPB-210WSH
With optional spray boom and exhaust fan
ConstaBoost For Wells Model SSPB-210WSV

When height is a problem these horizontal 210 gallon systems can do a big job in little space. Goes through a 24” door.

SSPB-210WSV Multi Unit Systems
ConstaBoost For Wells Model SSPB-425WS-EF

Get Consistent Pressure over a Wide Range with an Expandable System

Model SSPB-300PCO
ConstaBoost For Wells Model SSPB-300PCO-NVHL-100-20-EF-AS

This system is designed for permanent installation as a backup water system and can be ordered as a booster for inline installation on undersized water lines or those with very low pressure.

Model SSPB-425WS-EF
ConstaBoost For Wells Model SSPB-425WS-EF

Completely Assembled - Wired – Ready to Go.  High flow rates and consistent pressure using inadequate or intermittent sources

Emergency Shower/Eyewash Water Supply
ConstaBoost For Wells Model SSPB-425WS-EF

Complete Storage & Delivery System; Use where no potable water is available; Use when existing supply is undersized; Use for work sites requiring emergency shower

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